Terrifying Kidnapping Ordeal in Belgium: Teen Rescued After Four-Hour Abduction

2023-09-27 17:42:00 Jenne, 15 years old and from Merchtem, is not about to forget her evening of September 21. While shopping with friends, the young man saw three men driving in a car. The three thugs got out of the car and asked him for his electric scooter. The teenager refused and that’s when they … Read more

Arrested on Rue de la Boucherie: Shocking Case of Dangerous Driving and Assault Caught on Camera

2023-09-17 10:29:33 Saturday afternoon, Geoffrey, a man born in 1975, was arrested on rue de la Boucherie in Liège after observing dangerous driving. In fact, the man who regularly frequents the place had an argument with a person over facts relating to parking and a PMR plate. The man, visibly upset, got into his vehicle … Read more

Shocking Encounter: Passers-by Fooled by Counterfeit Money Scam in Overpelt

2023-08-21 17:29:00 Passers-by believed for a few seconds that they were going to pick up the jackpot in a street in Overpelt, in Flanders. According to information from Belang van Limburg, they saw a huge amount of banknotes lying around in the street and jumped on them to pick them up. They even started running … Read more

Tragic Train Accident: Investigation Opened | In-depth Analysis and Videos

2023-08-09 09:53:06 Sunday, 2.50 p.m., at the Vandervekenstraat level crossing in Ganshoren. The police are called because a tragedy has just occurred: a person has been hit by a train. The emergency services arrive quickly on the spot but unfortunately there is nothing more to do for the victim. “On site, the emergency doctor confirmed … Read more

Rare Seal Sighting in Urban Bruges: Mayor Discusses Potential Rescue Efforts

2023-08-04 13:12:35 It’s an animal that you don’t usually see in a city like Bruges. However, in recent days, a seal has been to Krakelebrug, Dampoort or even Steenbruggebrug several times. A situation of which the city is aware. “We must not intervene at the moment. It is only if the seal does not come … Read more

Illegal Stay Arrest: Nighttime Verbal Attack in Guillemins District, Liège

2023-07-29 15:34:56 A person with an illegal stay was walking in the night from Friday to Saturday with an iron bar in the Guillemins district in Liège. And she verbally attacked passers-by! One of them informed the Liège police who went to the scene and arrested the individual. This was referred this Saturday morning to … Read more

Unusual Incident in Tamines: Falling Stones Injure Passers-by on Rue de la Station

2023-06-19 18:23:08 An unusual incident took place on Monday, rue de la Station in Tamines, shortly before 7 p.m. Blue stones are detached from a facade of the street, the one that bears the sign of Assurances Wathlet. They unfortunately fell on two people who were passing at that time! They were both injured. One … Read more