UAE Floods: Sheikh Mohammed Allocates $544 Million for Citizens’ Home Repairs

2024-04-24 13:35:54

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, said on Wednesday that the Council of Ministers approved two billion dirhams ($544.60 million) to repair damage caused to citizens’ homes and residences following the attack. recent torrents and rains to which the country has been exposed.

Sheikh Mohammed ben Rashid wrote on the “X” platform: “A ministerial committee was tasked with following this matter, inventorying the damage caused to housing and paying compensation in cooperation with the rest of the federal and local authorities.

He stressed that “the exceptional weather conditions that occurred in the country were beneficial for us… because the dams were filled… and the groundwater reserves were filled… and we learned great lessons in coping with to the heavy rains of the country. our developed cities. »

A week after record rains fell in the Emirates, many residents still stand outside their water-flooded homes as clean-up efforts continue in some areas, while traffic at Dubai Airport is returned to normal.

Last week, heavy rains fell in quantities the UAE had not seen for 75 years, causing flooding of roads and homes across the country, causing paralysis for days with many roads being cut off due to the accumulation of rainwater, which meant that many employees were prevented from arriving at work and home delivery services, the metro and taxis were disrupted. The vegetable and fruit sections of the stores were empty due to the impossibility of delivery.

NASA releases satellite images of Emirates before and after floods

A slow-moving storm system hit the United Arab Emirates, dropping as much rain as would normally fall in an entire year on some cities in April 2024.

Most roads have been opened, life has returned to normal in most parts of the country and Dubai Airport, the world’s busiest for international passengers, has resumed normal operations.

Three people from the Philippines were killed, including two women who suffocated in their cars during the flood, and a man died when his car fell into a ditch and drowned, according to a statement released by the ministry Filipino migrant workers.

The United Arab Emirates generally experiences small amounts of rain due to its desert climate. But a huge storm swept across the country, made up of 7 emirates.

As of Tuesday evening, more than 142 millimeters of rain had fallen in Dubai in 24 hours. In an average year, 94.7 mm of rain falls at Dubai International Airport. Other areas of the country are seeing smaller amounts.

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