Ukrainian delegation arrives in Belarus for peace talks

Ukraine, First Published Feb 28, 2022, 12:06 PM IST

Ukraine: Rusk alert issued in Ukraine cities as Russia’s war continues. Airstrike warning issued. The airstrikes were issued in the Luhansk region, Sotomar, Cherkasy and Dinipro Kharkiv. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Sorosia airport.

Although most countries have tightened sanctions against Russia, which has intensified its war against Ukraine, Putin is not ready to compromise. Moreover, the battle to capture more territory continues.

The situation in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, has worsened, with Russian troops completely encircling it. Not enough fuel and food can reach Kiev. The Kyiv mayor said it would not be easy to move people to a safer location because the roads were closed. The mayor also said that if the power goes out in the extreme cold, there will be a major humanitarian disaster.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian delegation has reportedly arrived in Belarus for peace talks. This was reported by the Chinese official media CGTN. The Russian media has also reported this. Ukrainian President Selensky said yesterday that there was no hope in the talks. Selensky, however, said that the planet should not be blamed on the Ukrainian people for not trying for peace and that it was an attempt to do so.

EU energy ministers to hold emergency meeting on EU crisis Today, yoga is practiced in Brussels.

The European Union also relies on Russia for 40 percent of its fuel needs. There are fears that Putin may suspend oil exports following sanctions imposed on Russia by several countries

Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly will convene an emergency meeting today to oppose Russia’s war effort. Russia will discuss a resolution calling for an end to the war. The humanitarian problems facing the Ukrainian people will also be discussed. Join the meeting tonight. The Security Council met yesterday to decide whether Russia should bring the Ukraine issue up for discussion in the UN General Assembly. India, China and the UAE abstained. Russia voted against

Ukraine does not have the full support of India, which is facing a major Shia attack. India has stated that it will remain neutral in the UN General Assembly, which convenes today to pass a resolution calling on Russia to end the war.

Earlier, India had maintained such a neutral stance. India had earlier abstained from voting on the resolution against Russia at the United Nations. India’s position was that this was to make room for peace efforts. At that time, India said that there was nothing wrong with quarreling with Russia. India, China and the UAE abstained from voting on the UN resolution against Russia.

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