Umma murder: we capture all those responsible

The capture of the two individuals was carried out by detectives from the Organized Robbery Investigation division and the Homicide division of the PFA, who carried out numerous investigations to find their whereabouts. It should be noted that in the previous hours, another fugitive from crime in the city of San Pedro, Axel Emiliano Rojas, alias “Pelusa”, 20 years old, had already been arrested.

The two arrested this afternoon are brothers: Miguel Pastor Romero Molinas, alias “Patoto”, of Argentine nationality and 20 years of age, with a record registered in the province of Buenos Aires for crimes against property, and Guillermo Romero Molinas, alias “Paraguayo.” , 17 years old. Both were hidden in a precarious home located on a vacant lot, located in the Buenos Aires town of Marcos Paz.

With this action, those responsible for the murder were identified, since the other suspect, Patricio Valentín García, 22, was arrested last Monday.

The Functional Instruction and Trial Unit No. 18 of the judicial department of Lomas de Zamora, led by Dr. Pablo Rossi, intervenes.

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