Uncovering Football Secrets: Exposing Conspiracy and Exclusions in Saudi Football

2023-06-24 01:18:18

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Journalist Majed Al-Tuwaijri directed a question to Al-Ettifaq player and former national team coach Khalil Al-Zayani, “I heard that some Al-Hilal players conspired against you to leave the club during the era in which you trained the team?”

Al-Zayani said during an interview with Al-Tuwaijri: “I keep the answer to myself.”

Al-Zayani also talked about his exclusion from training Al-Ettifaq by a decision of the late Abdullah Al-Dabel, saying: “In the late seventies I trained Al-Ettifaq when it was in the first division until it rose to the Premier League and was among the top three. Despite that, I was excluded, but Abdulaziz Al-Dosari brought me back to train Al-Ettifaq again.”

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