Uncovering the Mystery of Mars’ Round Rock Formations: Perseverance’s Intriguing Discoveries

2023-11-10 07:00:08

The Perseverance rover has discovered strangely round rock formations. So far no one knows how exactly they arose.

The rover explores the Jezero Crater. This is where the river once flowed into the lake. Perseverance collects samples and takes photographs of the surface. Something strange was found on one of them, writes EarthSky.

An intriguing find – round rock formations with concentric curves. Scientists cannot yet explain how exactly these patterns arose on Mars. On Earth, microbial communities are usually responsible for such circles.

Martian rock patterns resemble Earth’s microbialites, or bacterial rocks. They arise at the bottom of reservoirs under the influence of bacteria that secrete minerals. Perhaps similar processes occurred on the Red Planet in the distant past.

Another possibility is chemical weathering. It acts on fractured bedrock and results in the formation of concentric or spherical layers. The result is a structure similar to the layers of an onion.

Look what else is being found on Mars. The gallery contains the most unusual things:

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