Understanding Thyroid Disease: Symptoms, Treatments, and Modern Medical Knowledge

2023-07-14 10:35:00

From the case of someone who posted the picture to know that Toxic Thyroid Disease is related to the meridian and stomach Rajavithi Hospital, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health reviewed the information and clarified that information that the article says not modern medical knowledge which if it is modern medical knowledge, the meridian and stomach are not related to toxic thyroid disease

PPTV online news team Find facts about thyroid disease According to modern medicine by Phyathai 1 Hospital,

Check 10 warning symptoms of “thyroid”, knowing and treating it before the risk of heart failure
Thyroid disease, 4 things you should know. The incidence rate in women is many times higher than in men.

thyroid poisoning (Hyperthyroidism, Overactive Thyroid) is a condition in which the thyroid gland produces too much hormone. make the metabolic system work more Which is why it causes abnormally rapid weight loss. fast or irregular heartbeat Sweating easily and irritable, irritable, etc. Thyroid disease may be divided into 2 types:

hyper thyroid Excessive levels of thyroid function Thyroid hormone levels in the blood are too high. The functioning of cells in the body faster than normal. The symptoms that affect the body are Unusual weight loss, hot flashes, excessive sweating, tiredness, less menstruation, poor memory, restlessness, lack of concentration, hair loss, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, vitiligo, trembling hands and legs, weak limbs, bulging eyes, enlarged thyroid gland. It’s a thick spot on the leg. hypothyroid Thyroid function that is too low The thyroid hormone level in the blood is too low. The functioning of cells in the body is slower than normal. Symptoms affecting the body are Rapid weight gain, coldness, drowsiness, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, depression, easy cramps, slow heartbeat, constipation, swollen eyes, swollen face, swollen body, enlarged thyroid gland

How to check the thyroid gland first

Look in the mirror, straighten your neck, turn slowly left and right. to look for abnormalities in the neck Use the index and middle fingers of both hands to feel the throat at the same time. together on each side from back to front and from top to bottom If you find a sticking contact, like a lump … try to roll it. If you find any abnormal lumps, see your doctor for examination.

which currently has innovation “Oral Laparoscopic Thyroid Surgery” which is a good choice. because it is a small incision surgery And while doing surgery, it can be done as close to the position of the thyroid gland as possible. thus making it less risky low blood loss takes less time to heal The patient recovers quickly, enabling them to return to normal life faster.

“Toxic thyroid” affects the entire body system. risk of heart attack – loss of vision

Therefore, people are requested not to be fooled by such information. and ask for cooperation not to send Or continue to share such information on various social media channels so that people can receive information from Rajavithi Hospital. Can be tracked at www.rajavithi.go.th or call 02-206-2900

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Factors causing thyroid disease exacerbation Does stress have an effect or not?

How does “thyroid” exercise? Lose weight and stay healthy

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