United States : Woman shoots her husband after discovering that he was abusing the children they cared for in their daycare | Shanteari Weems | James Weems | America

Shanteari Weems shot her husband James Weems when she discovered he was abusing children from their daycare in Maryland, United States. Photo: composition LR/WUSA9/LinkedIn

Shanteari Weemsa 50-year-old woman, shot her still husband, James Weems (57), a retired police officer, after confronting him about the accusations that pointed to them as responsible for having child abused who attended the nursery she ran in MarylandUSA.

In the first interview given since the Tribunal Superior de Washington DC sentenced her to four years in prison for the attempted murder of her ex-partner, the woman said that while she regretted her actions, she would not apologize to him. “I’ll apologize when he apologizes to those kids”he pointed.

The altercation occurred on July 22, 2022, when on a married couple’s trip to Washington she decided to ask him about the allegations that involved him in the abuse of minors at his daycare. The woman’s lawyer tony garciaargued that shot in self defense when he advanced towards her in a threatening manner.

“I felt like the blood had drained from my body because…he was my husband. You were supposed to help me protect these children.s. She always told me that he was my protector. So when I heard the accusations, I felt like my world had ended,” he said during his trial.

Shanteari Weems daycare is closed after what happened. Photo: Kevin Richardson/Baltimore Sun

According ShanteariIt was the mother of one of the victims who told her that her spouse abused her son on the bus that took the minors to the nursery, which was driven by the child himself. James Weems. The man He did not die after his ex-partner’s attack and is awaiting trial on 33 counts of rape and sexual crimes.

  James Weems, the man who abused children at a daycare.  Photo: The Independent

James Weems, the man who abused children at a daycare. Photo: The Independent

After what happened was made public, a campaign was launched on social networks calling for the liberation of women, with the hashtag #FreeShanteari, since many consider her an “avenging angel” and a heroine who carried out an act of justice. “Despite my surroundings, I am fine. I have many followers and people who encourage me and help me survivehe declared. She filed for divorce from Weems last February.

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