Unlock the Secrets of Sun Tanning: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Skin’s Response to UV Rays and the Benefits of Antioxidant Capsules

2023-07-31 18:00:30

To understand everything about this, you have to start by remembering how this completely natural mechanism works. With TF1info, Virginie Prod’homme, researcher at Inserm, reminds us that the tanned complexion so desired during the summer is only one “stress response of the skin to UV rays”these ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun, “particularly harmful to our health”. Faced with UVA, associated with skin aging and an increased risk of skin cancer and UVB, which cause burns, the skin will protect itself in two ways. First at the top layer. Cells called keratinocytes will multiply to thicken this layer and make it more impermeable to the rays. Then, deeper in the skin, it is the melanocytes that will be stimulated to produce melanin. It’s this brown pigment – “which colors our skin, our hair and even our eyes” – which will be distributed to keratinocytes to form a shield above the nuclei.

It is to answer this “stress” that these capsules are offered. While each product may have a different composition, these supplements follow the same pattern. Namely that of a mixture of antioxidants (carotenoids) “whose stated objective is to counter the process of oxidation induced by UV rays” by stimulating the production of melanin. “The best known is beta-carotene, but there is also lycopene, contained in tomatoes, vitamins C and E”lists our interlocutor, researcher at the Mediterranean Center for Molecular Medicine.

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