Unlocking the Power of Memory: The Science Behind Regular Cognitive Training in Adulthood

2024-04-17 23:45:00

Regular cognitive training in adulthood for 20-30 minutes a day helped maintain and improve memory

Professor Irina Roshchina from the Department of Neuropsychology and Developmental Psychopathology at the Faculty of Clinical Psychology at Moscow University said in an interview with Gazeta.Ru: “Among these exercises is the Fibonacci technique, which involves the person saying to himself a number series, so that each number is new.” It is the sum of the previous numbers. The Pythagorean technique is also effective. According to the Pythagorean method, in the evening it is necessary to remember all the events that occurred throughout the day in detail without disturbing their sequence. The other exercise includes remembering the largest number of words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. The professor points out that mental arithmetic, crossword solving, and other similar games are also effective in improving memory. Remembering details of events from past lives also helps improve memory. She says: “Memory is a complex higher mental function. The effectiveness of memorization depends on a number of reasons: the state of the person’s physical and psychological health. Training memory in childhood is of great importance, as is the correct daily routine and sleep.” Nutrition is also important. A person must read a lot, retell what he has read, write by hand, study foreign languages, and learn and remember poems he has already learned.”

The professor recommends the necessity of practicing these exercises regularly and not abandoning them, and only then can the desired results be achieved

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