Until my last breath, I will not be silent.. Angham’s brother opens fire on his family and accuses them of killing his sister

2023-09-23 08:41:46

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian music distributor, Khaled Muhammad Ali Soliman, son of musician Muhammad Ali Soliman and brother of the artist Angham, attacked his family through his official account on Facebook.

Angham’s brother said: “My family and I are denying my right, and Magda is being belittled by people and blackmailing us under the pretext of Ahmed and Yassin. Magda is the reason for Ghanwa’s death and I have conclusive evidence. Should I be silent?!”

He continued: “I swear by God Almighty and the right of God’s majesty, there will be no more silence, there will be no violence, but there will be cruelty to the other. You will give me my right or kill me as you killed Ghinwa with injustice and kill Yassin slowly. You are an infidel world.”

He added: “If my future is lost, I will not remain silent. You imprison me or torture me, I will not remain silent. I will remain silent when you kill me. I will not remain silent until my last breath. Victorious and defeated.”

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