VALORANT Releases “Developer Diary” Video Revealing The Game’s Roadmap For 2023

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 10:50 PM 34 PM, Indochina time

Keep moving forward for a long time for the game. VALUING because a few hours ago The team has released a video to reveal various details to players titled ” developer diary “which will be disclosed Roadmap of upcoming games planned for the year 2023 There will be details as follows.

latest game VALUING has stepped into Episode 6 which way you Anna executive producer of VALUING Has come out retrospectively about the goals of the game. VALUING In the beginning, keep in mind that

“Objective of the game VALUING Since its launch in the year 2020 It aims to offer games that are worth the time, understandable and fun to play. Including always trying to meet the expectations of the community as best as possible 2 year

after you finish saying Anna came out to invite you Andy Ho game director of VALUING To update various information of the game which will happen in the near future. There will be interesting details as follows.

  • in year 2023 There will still be important updates as before, whether it’s a new map, new agents, various skins, balance adjustments, battle passes, and more.
  • New control systems will be added to make the gameplay more diverse than ever.
  • talk about new system Premier This will be a competitive system in the form of Competitive Team form in the game In order to give new teams the opportunity to step up to the high level of competition that will occur within The mode is planned to be released in the year. 2023 this
  • This year’s competition will be available to watch a variety of programs, whether
    • VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo (Brazil)
    • VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Masters (Japan)
    • VALORANT Champions 2023 (held at the end of the year)
    • VALORANT League international level
    • VLAORANT League Challenger
    • VALORANT Game Changers (women’s team competition)




The interestingness of the video ” developer diary “It will probably be the contents at the end that you Anna Has come out to reveal a new mode that plans to be added at the end of the year like ” Team Deathmatch ” which way Twitter of Mike | VALORANT Leaks & News Has issued a request to disclose information.DThe mode is described as follows.

  • The tournament will come in a team format by name.
  • Able to use various abilities
  • For any team that can handle enemies up to 100 The body will be the winning side immediately.

In addition, interesting information was revealed about ” Gun skins for different teams It is a plan that will happen in the near future. And there is a possibility that the team that will receive the gun skin will be the Partner both 32 The team and, of course, the famous agency Talon Esports and Paper Rex It’s likely to be in that plan as well.

Have to wait and see the next update of the game. VALUING in year 2023 that would be interesting and how exciting it is have to wait and follow each other

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