Verstappen tempers expectations: “Not a favorite, circuit is not so good for us”

Everyone is eagerly looking forward to next Sunday, when the first Grand Prix of the 2020 season will be held. Many think that Max Verstappen can participate in Austria for the victory, but the 22-year-old driver is not yet sure about that.

The Formula 1 season should have already started in Australia last March, but due to the corona crisis, the championship will only open next Sunday. Not the Albert Park Street Circuit in Melbourne, but the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg will then set the stage for the season opener of 2020. A double header will be finished immediately on the circuit in Austria and many have high expectations of Verstappen. They hope that in his RB16 the Dutchman can immediately dominate the W11 of Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen himself tempered these expectations a bit.

Although Verstappen has won the past two editions of the Grand Prix of Austria, he is not yet sure that he will also win the third year. The Dutchman again emphasizes that the Red Bull Ring is actually not such a suitable job for Red Bull at all, despite the fact that it concerns the home track of the Austrian racing stable. “I never see myself as a favorite and certainly not on the Red Bull Ring”, Verstappen tempered expectations in conversation with the German Speedweek. “We don’t like that circuit as much as other jobs.”

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That the driver from Hasselt managed to win the previous two races in the Alpine country, says nothing. “Last year’s victory was hotly contested. It’s not going to get any easier this time,” he said. According to him, Mercedes remains the favorite and we should not underestimate Ferrari. “I think Mercedes is going to be strong and no one knows what Ferrari is really about. It will be a tough fight again, but we are doing everything we can to win for the third time in a row.”


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