Victoria Federica’s sweet snack that satisfies and does not make you fat

If you are one of those people who gets hungry in the middle of the afternoon and you love sweets, but you don’t want to gain weight, this article is made for you. Will you join us to discover the version of Victoria Federica? [lista_enlaces] [/lista_enlaces]

Victoria Federica’s snack: Natural bowl of açaí, granola and strawberry

We have been telling you for a long time that natural bowls, consumed in moderate amounts, help us not to gain weight because they have many good and healthy fats despite having a high caloric content. ‘Vic’ is sweet and at the same time very healthy. It’s like a kind of yogurt mixture that takes benough of açaí, granola, greek yogurt, strawberry, Almond cream y coco. You can use this snack, or even have it for breakfast, at those times when you feel like a sweet. Thanks to the fructose of the fruit, it is ideal to kill a craving in the middle of the afternoon. The best thing is that you can prepare this recipe yourself at home, but there are also places that offer this type of healthy proposal. [lista_enlaces] [/lista_enlaces]

Do you know what açaí is?: the rich superfood that is born in the jungles of Brazil

The acaí (pronounced: assaí) is a small fruit, which has become very fashionable in recent years thanks to the influencers. It is a very striking dark purple color and is born in the most unexpected corners of the jungle in northern Brazil. This fruit is of Amazonian origin. From it come the berries of açaí. It is a superfood that gives a lot of energy, has many vitamins and antioxidant properties, -to prevent premature aging of both the brain and the body- and anti-inflammatory. On the palate, it has a sweet taste very similar to that of chocolate. This is a highly recommended food in vegan diets as it is high in protein. In addition, it provides large amounts of fiber, which is why organic Acai powder is ideal for combating constipation. Also, it reinforces the defenses due to its content in ellagic acid as well as regulates cholesterol thanks to its content in essential fatty acids. After introducing you to some of the benefits of acai, surely your mouth is already watering, prepare it to take as a snack and start your day; do not forget to photograph your preparation, it is of moda the ‘instagrammable food’!

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