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2023-05-13 14:58:00

After Seungri, a former member of BIGBANG, was released from prison on February 9th, many people are very concerned about his recent situation. It seems that he is not going to return to the showbiz at present. Fans from various countries often upload wild victory captured on the road, which was even photographed recently. He appeared in Bangkok, Thailand with his rumored girlfriend, Internet celebrity Liu Huiyuan, but the two sides did not directly answer the news of their relationship. Unexpectedly, recent news about the victory was reported recently, and a photo with a Malaysian fan went viral on the Internet.

Photo source: BIGBANG Facebook, Yoo Hye Won IG

Recently, a Malaysian fan posted a number of group photos taken with Victory, and wrote “I never meet each other at work, but this time I met”, and praised Victory in the article for being close to the people. In the photos, it can be seen that Victory is wearing casual clothes and wearing One pair of glasses, smiling and taking a selfie with fans, while the other is wearing a red and white top, looking slightly dressed up, taking a photo with fans wearing sunglasses.

Image source: flipped from Twitter
Image source: flipped from Twitter

However, some netizens think that these two photos seem to be much different from the previous idol days, but even if Seungri has not returned to the showbiz, it seems that there is still a lot of discussion.

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