Video .. the death of an American rapper in front of the audience

2023-06-20 15:36:46

American rapper Milton Powell, known as “Big Pokey”, died last weekend, after falling in front of the audience during a concert in Texas.

And a video spread on social sites shows “Big Bucky” performing an artistic show in front of the audience, before he suddenly fell to the ground. Several people tried to intervene to provide first aid, but to no avail.

Later, local officials announced that the singer died, late Saturday evening, at the age of 45.

“He was very much loved by his family, friends and loyal fans,” said a statement on Powell’s official Instagram page.

The shocking video spread widely on American social pages and media sites, and hundreds expressed their condolences and grief.

Rapper Bun B said Paul is “one of the most natural-born artists” in Houston.

He added, “He was doing what he had to do and coming home… He is a pillar of our city.”

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