Viral confides in women who are upset because their prospective husband’s salary is 3 times lower


One of the important elements for couples who want to go down the aisle is mutual commitment and confidence in the candidate of choice. But this woman suddenly hesitated when she wanted to marry her partner even though they had been together for a long time.

He expressed his frustration through an anonymous account on Twitter @Twtmalaywedding. From his story, it is known that he is confused about whether to continue the relationship to the level of marriage or not because his partner has a much lower income than himself.

“I and my partner have been dating for almost two years and we are already planning a wedding for next year. We love each other but there is only one problem in the relationship,” the woman wrote.

“My salary is three times greater than his and his salary is only enough to eat. Sometimes he is forced to refrain from eating. Sometimes I give him money to eat, but every time he goes out, I will pay for all (food),” the woman said on Twitter.

According to this woman who is from Malaysia, she just wants to be treated like other couples who help each other. He also feels sad because every birthday, his partner doesn’t give him any gifts.

“I want to buy something occasionally or if I can pay, I don’t mind. It’s my birthday, he doesn’t give me any gifts. If I tell him he doesn’t want to meet, he just sulks,” continued the confused woman.

The woman became doubtful when she wanted to plan a wedding with her partner. Because of financial problems that became his mind.

“I told him to do another job but I’m not unhappy with his current job. I think later when he gets married will he be able to provide for me and the children?” asked the woman.

“Should I continue this relationship until I get married? I always think if we are married, how will our life be? Now all needs need money. I’m confused about how to decide. Help me,” he said confused.

The woman’s upload has received more than 861.6 thousand views and received 1,117 likes. Netizens immediately gave advice to the woman. There are those who give advice to let go of the couple and give it a chance.

“Small salary if you work diligently and consistently for the need to seek additional opinions there is no problem, it’s better to just understand,” said another netizen.

“It’s better to move on before things get worse,” said another netizen.

“For me, the effort comes from both sides. If the effort he really wants to make you happy, it doesn’t matter what. He will try to make it lawful for you to go towards marriage. If you don’t see that effort and it’s fun, you continue to make effort but he does nothing then left,” suggested the account @_kcloi.

“Straight to the point. As a man, he shouldn’t behave like that. Personal opinion, let him go. For the good of being together, love and affection are not enough to live happily together. The two of them have effort, no argue. Make a choice really its okay to elevate the ego a little bit Btw humans can change if given the chance,” said account @gulahangus99.

“I’m with a boyfriend like this. Mostly I’m the one who pays when we date (sometimes he doesn’t pay). After 5 years of knowing him, he’s been married for 1 year, everything he bears because he’s very responsible, even though his salary is mediocre. Whatever get to know her and her family’s character before proceeding to the next level. Rest!” @masyikhai account suggestion.

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