Vladimir Vdovichenkov announced his fees for shooting in “Boomers”

Actor Vladimir Vdovichenkov in the program “Cinema in Detail” announced his fees for shooting in “Boomers”.

As Vdovichenkov noted, the cast was immediately told that they would not make money on this picture. “But after a couple of years, we realized that we had made a name for ourselves. Before the filming of the second Boomer, producer Sergey Chliyants ran out of the hall at the performance. He shouts: “Vovka, I didn’t pay you last time. So. These are grandmothers from me. And there are 20 thousand dollars in the bag,” said Vladimir Vdovichenkov.

Recall that the paintings “Boomer” and “Boomer-2” became iconic in their time. The main characters became famous all over the country.

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