vociferous!! A 14-year-old Chinese girl dies at a COVID-19 quarantine center in Henan after a video emerges of a child with severe seizures in bed. No staff to help.

The family of Guo Jingjing, a 14-year-old Chinese girl, called for justice after the girl died after being taken to a coronavirus quarantine center. in Henan Province The family claimed to seek medical help but did not receive a response. After finding a video clip of a violent child convulsing in bed

The BBC’s British media reported on Tuesday (Oct 20) that 14-year-old Chinese girl Guo Jingjing had a high fever two days after she was taken to a quarantine center in Beijing. Ruzhou City, Henan Province

A video clip shows a girl twitching violently in bed. causing dissatisfaction all over the internet world amid COVID-19 prevention measures strictly in the country

Her family has released these tragic clips. along with requests for help and responsibility In the video clip, the little boy’s father said: Center staff failed to provide any assistance to Gao as her condition worsened.

By Sunday (16), she started convulsions. Acute dehydration and shivering Her father said through a clip uploaded to Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

“No one cares about her, no one asks.” The clip shows the father’s message that was widely shared before it was removed by the system.

by a video clip of little father And another from her aunt’s demands for justice was censored even more within 48 hours.

In which the video clip that the father said while beside his daughter’s body said “I call on the Communist Party of China Central Committee. and the Disciplinary Review Board came down to investigate the mistakes of Ruzhou City’s negligence. and took my daughter’s life back!”

The BBC confirmed reports of Guo Chingjing’s death and the circumstances surrounding her death by checking with a member of her family.

They confirmed that The grade 9 girl’s condition deteriorated sharply on Monday afternoon (17), and she was taken to Ruzhou No. 4 Hospital that evening.

however She was in critical condition and could not save her life. The girl’s death caused many netizens to resent her treatment. and COVID-19 policies of Chinese President Xi Jinping that is not popular among the people

One of the netizens expressed their anger, saying, “I was angry. Why didn’t they give her the drug?” “It’s always like this. Nothing has changed.”

However, Ruzhou city has not released a statement on the matter, a city spokesperson told the BBC yesterday. He personally knew of the case. But the high-level boss has not released an official statement.

At this time it is unclear whether she has COVID-19. or that she was sent to a quarantine center because she was in contact with the sick. The relative said She was taken to a quarantine center located in a school and a separate building from her father. And so many children are separated throughout the region where a large number of them are separated from their families.

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