Volatile Autumn Weather in Lebanon and Eastern Mediterranean Basin: Thunderstorms, Active Winds, and Temperature Drop

2023-10-02 05:19:00
Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean basin are witnessing volatile autumn weather with the influence of a low air pressure centered over Turkey, which leads to the appearance of individual thunderstorm cells, active winds, and a drop in temperatures, with the weather stabilizing as of Wednesday afternoon.

Note: Average temperatures for the month of October are between 21 and 29 in Beirut, between 13 and 27 in Zahle, and between 20 and 28 in Tripoli.

The Estimates Department of the Meteorological Authority reported that the expected weather in Lebanon will be as follows:

Monday: Cloudy with a drop in temperatures that have become below average in the interior and mountainous areas. Scattered rain falls, sometimes heavy, especially in the northern regions, accompanied by lightning, thunder, and active winds that sometimes intensify to reach speeds of 55 km/h. Fog continues to appear in the highlands, sometimes leading to poor visibility.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy to cloudy with fog in the highlands and no significant change in temperatures in the mountains and inland, while they drop on the coast. Scattered rain falls, sometimes intense, especially in the north of the country, accompanied by lightning, thunder, and active winds that intensify at approximately 55 km/h.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy in the morning with scattered rain, especially on the northern coast. The weather will gradually stabilize and temperatures will begin to rise starting at noon.

Thursday: Few clouds with local fog in the highlands and high temperatures, especially in the mountains and inland.

Surface winds: southwesterly during the day, turning to southeasterly at night, active at times, and their speed ranges between 10 and 45 km/h. They intensify in the northern regions to reach approximately 60 km/h.

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Visibility: Generally good, sometimes worse at high altitudes due to the formation of fog and rain.

Relative humidity on the coast: between 60 and 85 percent.

Sea condition: wavy

Water surface temperature: 28°C.

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