Volkswagen competes with Tesla in its own home and plans to build an electric car factory in America – News Gate

Volkswagen plans to open two new factories in North America to boost the company’s plans for electric cars, CNBC reported.

The German company said on Friday, March 3, that it intends to open an assembly plant in South Carolina worth two billion dollars to produce new electric models for its Scout brand.

She indicated that this investment could create 4 thousand permanent jobs or more, in addition to more than 200 thousand Scout cars annually.

The company aims to lay the foundation stone for the factory in mid-2023, while production is expected to start by the end of 2026.

Volkswagen is also looking for a location for a new battery plant in North America.

The company believes that the shift towards electric cars will qualify it to penetrate a market in which it has historically suffered, and Volkswagen is ranked fourth as the largest company for selling electric cars in America.

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