Volochkova with a new young boyfriend showed herself in the Maldives

The ballerina has got a lover younger than herself.

Anastasia Volochkova with bath attendant Sergei. Photo: Global Look Press

Anastasia Volochkova she forgot her attendant Sergei Kuznetsov, it seems, much faster than her fans, who to this day remember what a beautiful couple they were. Ballerina and groom with “Let’s get married!” flew to the Maldives during the New Year holidays and quickly parted on their return. Not without drama – Volochkova honestly told why.

The place next to the artist was not empty – she met a new chosen one, he is much younger than her, and with him the star went on an excursion to Kaluga. Over the weekend, the ballerina declassified her boyfriend, took a lot of pictures with him, and now, apparently, she is going to the Maldives.

Anastasia Volochkova and Dmitry are going to the Maldives. Photo: instagram.com/volochkova_art/

Volochkova posted a photo with visualization of the Maldives in her microblog. A ballerina next to her boyfriend poses on an island in the Indian Ocean. “Dima and I are in my favorite region,” the ballerina signed the picture.

By the way, compromising information surfaced very quickly about the boyfriend. Her fiancee Dmitry, Daria, spoke out. We have covered more in this material.

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