Warn 3 groups of “young children – old people – with diseases” at risk of getting sick during the changing weather. both cold and rainy

Department of Medicine warns of climate change both cold and rainy Beware of sickness in young children, the elderly and chronic diseases. risk of respiratory disease advice on how to take care of your health prevent relapse

On October 16, Dr. Thongchai Kiratihatthayakon Acting Director General of the Medical Department said that during this time the weather has changed in some areas. The weather is cooler but it still rains. may occur suddenly If the body cannot adapt, it may get sick and cause various diseases, so it must be extra careful. especially young children, the elderly and those with chronic diseases Often affect health easily, such as respiratory diseases such as flu, influenza, pneumonia, measles, so parents, guardians and caregivers of the elderly Must understand and know how to take care of health to be safe from various diseases. during the change of weather
In young children should eat wholesome food from 5 groups. The elderly should always keep their body temperature warm. Wear clothing that is thick enough. Blankets to keep the body warm Avoid being in cold places. move your body often eat hot food And a variety of 5 groups, drinking 6-8 glasses of warm water a day, getting enough sleep.

As for skin problems in the elderly, such as dry skin, inflamed skin and itching. This is because the elderly have less subcutaneous fat and reduced sebaceous gland function. causing the skin to lose moisture Prevent it by not showering too often and being too hot. Apply lotion after bathing. Beware of recurrent circulatory diseases such as coronary artery disease cerebrovascular and high blood pressure without eating spicy food exercise regularly Take complete medication People with chronic joint pain problems The drop in temperature can trigger inflammation, such as gout. Always keep your body warm. If you have flu symptoms, you should wear a mask. prevent the spread of disease

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