Watch.. a female citizen tells the story of her son’s cancer at the age of 5.. and reveals a simple symptom that appeared on him

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Nesma Al-Mulla, who is interested in children’s cancer health awareness, told the story of her son Fares’ cancer at the age of 5, noting that he recovered after 3 years of treatment.

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And she said, during her meeting with the “My Lady” program broadcast on “Rotana Khalijia” that “the story of her son’s illness began in 2019, with a diagnosis of leukemia, and the symptom was very simple, which was a rise in temperature for 3 consecutive days. Pointing out that she did not imagine that he had cancer.

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And she continued: “After a while, new symptoms began to appear on the child, such as lethargy, dizziness, and excessive sweating, and he was transferred to the emergency room and diagnosed with cancer.” Noting that the treatment protocol consisted of 6 phases, the 5 phases being intensive and the last phase a preventive one.

Treatment for a duration 3 Years

She indicated that her son’s treatment took about 3 years, and he recovered 4 months ago.

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And about her reaction after learning of her son’s injury, she said: “It was a shock, and she could not talk about the matter much, as some advised her to go to folk medicine, or alternative medicine, so she decided not to communicate with anyone, given that this information is wrong.

And she continued, “At that time, I locked my phone and focused on the medical treatment protocol, which I considered the only refuge,” noting that medicine had developed a lot.

She pointed out that her son’s hair fell out in the fourth stage of chemotherapy, which is normal as a result of taking chemotherapy, explaining that she was supporting her son and was keen to raise his spirits, as she took care of herself and her peace of mind first, and was able to stand beside her son.

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