Watch.. A young man wanders into the hotel where Muhammad Abdo is staying in Najran.. And when he did not find him, he surprised him with an unexpected behavior

2023-07-22 06:40:08

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A young man documented a video clip of him while he was wandering inside the hotel where artist Muhammad Abdo Najran was staying.

And this young man appeared in the video circulating on social media standing in front of some hotel rooms and saying: Abu Abd al-Rahman and Abu Noura until the artist came out to him, but he did not reach him.

Then the young man resorted to another trick, which is singing with the voice of the artist Muhammad Abdo, and during that he found the bouquet of roses that the artist was carrying when he came to Najran.

And when this young man did not find an opportunity to meet Muhammad Abdo, he stole his hat and commented: Forgive me, Abu Noura. I came to see you, and I only found your hat.

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