Watch.. Biden dine at the “Taco” restaurant in Los Angeles.. Disclosure of the meal he ate and a surprise about its price

Exclusive subtitles: A video clip of US President Joe Biden’s surprise entry to a 1986 fast-food taco restaurant in Los Angeles.

Biden ordered steak or chicken, along with four tacos de pollo that were served on the English and Spanish mixed menu.

He got it all for just $16.45, on a day when the Commerce Department announced that the Consumer Price Index was 8.2 percent higher than it was a year ago.

At the restaurant counter, Biden asked for cash, and to help cut the bill was a 50 percent discount on “common service.”

He was generous at the cash register, leaving the teller $60.

But the full amount was not intended for workers, in a state with a minimum wage of $15 an hour. Biden asked the cashier to take care of the next customer’s meal for free.

“Here, let me give you another $45, and the next person who comes in, give it away for free,” Biden said. The cashier put the balance in the tip jar.


Watch.. Biden dine in a restaurant

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