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football match French Ligue Season 2022-23 Week 10 This week there is still competition. Which in this pair will be Reims, who will open the house to meet PSG, watch live football on Saturday night, October 8 at 2:00 AM, preview the football with a link to watch online football True Premier Football HD5

October 8 at 2:00 AM, live broadcast, watch live football, football French Ligue 2022/23 Reims vs PSG and link to watch football Reims-PSG Today’s starting XI Reims VS PSG

French Ligue 1 Football Reims vs PSG Links watch live football online

Watch live French Ligue 1 Reims-PSG (Link to watch football): battleLigue 1 It was played in week 10. saturday night couple It will be a competition of Reims, who will open the house to welcome the visit of PSG, meeting the readiness of both teams in the battle. Ligue 1 This Saturday, October 8, 2022 at 2:00 AM.

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team Tiger Please come and analyze the form. preparation before the game French Ligue before going live tonight


  • Condition of the team before playing this match, the host of the manager Oscar Garcia’s home team has a problem with the player only cut Kay Sirhus, while Valon Berisha and Thomas Fouquet have to test the fitness of Jun. Ya Ito receives a red card

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  • Christoph Galtier, coach of the team The only problem with players being injured is Presnel Kimpembe, who has just returned from injury to restore fitness, while Nuno Mendes and Renato Sanchez have to check their fitness.
Watch live football Reims vs PSG Ligue 1 (link to watch football) | News by Thaiger

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The results of the two teams meeting

  • 03/07/20 Reims 0-3 PSG (Ligue 1)
  • 10/02/21 Reims 0-2 PSG (Ligue 1)
  • 19/04/21 PSG 4-0 Reims (Ligue 1)
  • 02/01/22 Reims 0-2 PSG (Ligue 1)
  • 24/01/22 PSG 4-0 Reims (Ligue 1)

Performance of the last 5 matches


  • 01/09/22 won Angers 2-4 (away, Ligue 1)
  • 04/09/22 Draw Lens 1-1 (home, Ligue 1)
  • 11/09/22 lost to Toulouse 0-1 (away, Ligue 1)
  • 18/09/22 lost to Monaco 0-3 (away, Ligue 1)
  • 02/10/22 Draw Troyes 2-2 (Home, Ligue 1)


  • 10/09/22 won the Brats 1-0 (home, Ligue 1)
  • 14/09/22 won Maccabi Haifa 3-1 (away, UEFA Champions League)
  • 18/09/22 won Lyon 1-0 (away, Ligue 1)
  • 01/10/22 won Nice 2-1 (home, Ligue 1)
  • 06/10/22 Draw Benfica (Away, UEFA Champions League)

Expected list of players in this game:

Reims (3-4-1-2) : Patrick Pentz (GK) – Andrew Gravion, Emmanuel Agbadu, Younis Abdelamid – Maxim Buzy, Marshall Munetti, Jens-Leiss Miguel Cayute, Bradley Logo – Arbor Seneli – Falarin Balogun, Junya Ito

PSG (3-4-2-1) : Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK) – Sergio Ramos, Nordi Mukiele, Marquinhos – Ashraf Hakimi, Marco Verratti, Viti. Nana, Nuno Mendes – Lionel Messi, Neymar – Kylian Mbappe

Watch live football Reims vs PSG Ligue 1 (link to watch football) | News by Thaiger

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Watch live football Reims vs PSG. Link to watch football online.

Watch Reims-PSG football live.

  • list French Ligue Season 2022/23
  • couple between Reims vs PSG
  • Link to watch live football tonight via True Premier Football HD5
  • Saturday night, October 8, 2022, kick-off time 02.00 (Sunday morning)
  • Stade Auguste-Delon deux

Tiger decide

The home team did not perform well after failing to win in the last four. The away team’s side are still in excellent form despite the draw in the last match. They were able to win up to seven matches in a row.

Reims 0-3 PSG

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