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2023-04-28 10:01:51

The series “The Price” gained great popularity among the audience in the Arab world, especially after showing the previous episodes, which were greatly admired. After a hiatus that lasted for a whole month, the viewers are eagerly awaiting the presentation of Episode 52.

The work includes suspense and distinctive drama, and a wise use of the elements of excitement, and this made it occupy an important position in the world of drama in the Arab world.

Viewers can now follow the fifty-second episode 52 on many broadcast channels.

The Price series, episode 52

The series “The Price” is a social drama inspired by the Turkish series “And Love Remains”. Its story revolves around a widow who turns to her manager to cover the costs of treating her son, who suffers from cancer.

The manager requires her to spend a night with him in order to give her the necessary money. The deal is completed and she gets the money, but the story begins to change when the manager discovers that her son is suffering from cancer.

In episode 52, the story develops to include new events and interesting details that arouse viewers’ anticipation.

The series “The Price” is considered one of the most interesting Syrian-Lebanese series. Many seek to know the dates of the episodes, especially episode 52, which caught the audience’s attention greatly.

The cast consists of distinguished stars such as Basil Khayyat, Razan Jamal, Nicolas Moawad, and Sarah Abi Kanaan. This powerful heroism made The Price a unique work of art that tells exciting dramatic stories and sends strong social messages.

Basil Khayyat appears in a new and different role in this work, and episode 52 has achieved great popularity among viewers, and they eagerly await the next episode to watch the new events.

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The series The Price is broadcast on the MBC channel from Sunday to Thursday at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, Mecca Al-Mukarramah time, and it is also shown on the Shahid platform, but it precedes the show on TV by two episodes.

To watch more episodes, you can enjoy watching them on, and we are here on the Turkey site now to keep you up-to-date with events and details.

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