Water cuts in several areas in Cairo.. Find out why

The Drinking Water Company in Cairo announced that the water was cut off from the areas (Ezbet Al-Nakhl Al-Sharqiah, Ain Shams Street and its branches, Al-Safa City, Al-Assara, Kafr Al-Sharfa, Othman housing, Ard Al-Razzazin, Kilo 7, Al-Andalus, Al-Abasiri area, Al-Saltohi Canal, Division of Abdel Azim Orabi.

As of Thursday, 09-29-2022 from 10 pm until 4 am on Friday morning for a period of 6 hours, due to the work of welds with a diameter of 600 mm with a 400 mm diameter and a 300 mm diameter line on Zakat Foundation Street.

Which it follows.

The company confirmed that drinking water vehicles will be provided in the aforementioned areas, and in case of request, please call the hotline 125 or the WhatsApp service at 01206665125.

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