“Weapons never used before.” And China enters the field –

The world is holding its breath over the risk of a further escalation of the conflict in the Middle East with Israel’s expected response to Iran and the latter alluding to nuclear weapons. The representative of the National Security Committee of the Iranian Parliament, Abolfazl Amouei, said that if Israel responds to Iran’s drone and missile attack, the country is “ready to use a weapon that we have never used”, reports Iran International. In the same statement, Amouei said Israel should consider its next steps and “act wisely.”

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For its part, Israel has reassured allied Arab countries in the region – such as Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf states – that its response to the Iranian attack will not put them in danger. This is what the public broadcaster Kan reported, according to which the Jewish State has indicated that its response, when it arrives, will be conducted in such a way that the Islamic Republic will not be able to involve them. Some more details come from the United States, which believes that Israel’s response to the Iranian attack will likely be limited and will not focus directly on the territory of the Islamic Republic but on one of its allied groups in Syria or Lebanon. The NBC broadcaster reported this, citing four American officials. According to the latter, the lack of serious damage caused by Tehran could lead the Jewish state to seek a less aggressive response. Yesterday the Israeli war cabinet apparently decided to respond “clearly and forcefully” to the Iranian attack without triggering a regional war, or one that would destroy the international coalition that helped the Jewish state defend itself.

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Meanwhile, Tehran speaks with the Dragon. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian held telephone talks. The Iranian representative “informed Wang about Iran’s position on the attack on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, saying that the UN Security Council has not given the necessary response to this attack and that the Iran has the right to self-defense in response to the violation of its sovereignty, underlining that the current regional situation is very delicate,” Xinhua news agency reports. The Iranian minister assures that Tehran wants to “show moderation and has no intention of further aggravating the situation” and sends messages of cooperation with China.

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