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In his post, the meteorologist Giorgos Tsatrafillias draws attention to Thessaly and specifically, to Larissa and Magnesia where in less than 20 hours the water that falls in three months will fall. “Caution in Thessaly. In Larissa and Magnesia the forecast gives us a signal for a large amount of water. The water that falls in 3 months is expected to fall in less than 20 hours!” writes features.

Weather – Alert from Marousakis: Chances of flooding

In his publication, Klearchos Marousakis emphasizes that this wave of bad weather will focus its greatest potential towards the west, central and north, as well as towards the eastern Aegean.

“In these geographical areas are concentrated the most chances for flooding incidents or problems in general” he explains, giving the graphic that follows with the course and intensity of the rainfall with the scale at the bottom guiding in terms of the intensity of the phenomena while on the top right we see the evolution of the hours.

Weather: The meteo forecast

Due to the high speed at which the system will move eastward, the duration of significant severe weather will be relatively short.

According to the latest forecast data from Observatory of Athens, the main elements of the bad weather that will prevail in the country from tomorrow morning until noon on Saturday 20/4 will be the strong local rains and storms and the strong up to almost gale-force winds in the Aegean.

In more detail, rains and storms are expected from tomorrow morning in the western mainland and the Ionian Sea, which will gradually intensify until the evening and will affect the rest of the country as well. From the early hours of Saturday 20/4 the phenomena will be located mainly in the north-east and east of the mainland, in the Aegean and Crete, while from noon they will be limited to Thrace and the eastern parts of the Aegean and will weaken.

The rains and storms in the west and in the Ionian tomorrow afternoon and afternoon, as well as in the eastern mainland and in the Aegean from tomorrow night to Saturday morning will be strong in places and in some cases will be accompanied by hail.

The winds in the Aegean will gradually strengthen and from tomorrow night until noon on Saturday they will reach 7 Beaufort in some places. In the Ionian, winds are not expected to exceed 5-6 Beaufort. The temperature will not change significantly.

Weather – What the Emergency Deterioration Bulletin Says

Severe weather conditions are expected to hit the country in the next few hours, according to the Emergency Deterioration of Weather Bulletin.

A barometric low tomorrow Friday (19-04-24) in the west, accompanied by fronts, will move east and is expected to worsen the weather in most of the country from the early hours of Friday until noon on Saturday (20-04-24 ) with heavy rains and storms, which will be accompanied by a high frequency of lightning and local hail.

The intense phenomena that will start from the west will quickly spread to the central and northern mainland, the Sporades, Evia, the Cyclades and later to the eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese.

The winds will be strong and will reach 7 and locally 8 Beaufort.

More detail:

Heavy rain and storms are forecast:

a. From the afternoon hours on the Ionian Islands, Epirus and western Sterea.
b. From late afternoon in Thessaly, eastern Sterea and Peloponnese (mainly in its western parts).
c. In the evening hours, the phenomena will extend further east and will affect areas of central and eastern Macedonia (Pieria prefecture, Thessaloniki prefecture, Halkidiki prefecture as well as the sea-coastal areas of Serres prefecture and Kavala prefecture), eastern Sterea, the Sporades, Evia, the Cyclades and the islands of the eastern Aegean.
d. A gradual weakening of the phenomena is expected in the evening hours in the Ionian and the western continents.

On Saturday (20-04-24)

a. Until the morning hours in Thessaly, the Sporades, areas of central and eastern Macedonia (Pieria prefecture, Thessaloniki prefecture, Halkidiki prefecture as well as the sea-coastal areas of Serres prefecture and Kavala prefecture), the islands of the eastern Aegean and in places eastern Sterea and Evia.
b. From early in the morning until noon in the Dodecanese.

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