Weather report. It will be warmer in the north of the Kingdom, as well as in Tafilalet and towards Dakhla, this Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Here is the weather forecast established by the General Directorate of Meteorology for Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

– Heat in Tafilalet and towards Dakhla.

– Fog banks will circulate in places along the coasts of Gharb, Chaouia, Haouz and Souss, as well as towards Tan-Tan and Guelmim.

– Cumuliform clouds over the Atlas Mountains.

– Relatively strong gusts of wind along the coasts close to Haouz and Souss, as well as in the whole south of the Kingdom, blowing sand in places.

– Today’s temperatures are rising in the North.

– Calm to slightly choppy sea in the Mediterranean, slightly choppy to choppy in the strait as well as between Cape Spartel and Mehdia, and choppy to rough between Casablanca and Tarfaya. The swell will be rough everywhere else in the rest of the Moroccan coast.

– Here are the minimum and maximum temperatures forecast by the General Directorate of Meteorology for the day of Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

Oujda : min (+16°C) ; max (+32°C)

Bouarfa : min (+19°C) ; max (+38°C)

Al Hoceima : min (+20°C) ; max (+28°C)

Tetouan : min (+17°C) ; max (+28°C)

Sebta : min (+15°C) ; max (+24°C)

Mellilia : min (+17°C) ; max (+28°C)

Tanger : min (+17°C) ; max (+28°C)

Kenitra : min (+15°C) ; max (+26°C)

Rabat : min (+14°C) ; max (+25°C)

Casablanca : min (+16°C) ; max (+26°C)

El Jadida : min (+18°C) ; max (+25°C)

Settat : min (+14°C) ; max (+30°C)

Safi : min (+15°C) ; max (+26°C)

Khouribga : min (+11°C) ; max (+29°C)

Beni Millal : min (+16°C) ; max (+32°C)

Marrakech : min (+15°C) ; max (+34°C)

Meknes : min (+14°C) ; max (+32°C)

Fes : min (+15°C) ; max (+33°C)

Ifrane : min (+11°C) ; max (+28°C)

Taounate : min (+14°C) ; max (+35°C)

Errachidia : min (+23°C) ; max (+38°C)

Ouarzazate : min (+20°C) ; max (+38°C)

Agadir : min (+17°C) ; max (+27°C)

Essaouira : min (+18°C) ; max (+23°C)

Laayoune : min (+19°C) ; max (+27°C)

Smara : min (+18°C) ; max (+32°C)

Dakhla : min (+18°C) ; max (+24°C)

Aousserd : min (+19°C) ; max (+37°C)

Lagouira : min (+19°C) ; max (+30°C).

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