Weird thing! Leonard Fournette gives Tom Brady a goat’s head for his birthday

Tom Brady received a very “special” present for his 45th birthday. Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette gave the best NFL player of all time a goat’s head.

Fournette tweeted a cake he specially ordered for his seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback. The cake features a goat’s head and references Brady’s most famous nickname, “GOAT,” meaning “Greatest of All Time.”

Tom Brady gets a goat’s head cake for his birthday

The side of the goat’s head reads “Happy 100th Birthday”. Brady may not turn 100 this week, but his age is often mocked in the league for being the oldest active player in the NFL.

“Happy early bday to my old head @TomBrady,” Fournette wrote in his caption.

The two players have been teammates in Tampa for two years after joining the Buccaneers in 2020. In 2021, they helped the Bucs win the Super Bowl title. It was Fournette’s first ring and Brady’s seventh.

The duo will return in the 2022 season after Fournette signed a three-year deal with the Buccaneers in Marcht. Brady will return to the field despite briefly retiring from the league in February. He announced his return in March.

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2014    Seattle Seahawks (1.)
2013    Baltimore Ravens (2.)
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2011    Green Bay Packers (4.)
2010    New Orleans Saints (1.)
2009    Pittsburgh Steelers (6.)
2008    New York Giants (3.)
2007    Indianapolis Colts (2.)
2006    Pittsburgh Steelers (5.)
2005    New England Patriots (3.)
2004    New England Patriots (2.)
2003    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1.)
2002    New England Patriots (1.)
2001    Baltimore Ravens (1.)
2000    Los Angeles Rams (1.)
1999    Denver Broncos (2.)
1998    Denver Broncos (1.)
1997    Green Bay Packers (3.)
1996    Dallas Cowboys (5.)
1995 San Francisco 49ers (5.)
1994    Dallas Cowboys (4.)
1993    Dallas Cowboys (3.)
1992    Washington Commanders (3.)
1991    New York Giants (2.)
1990 San Francisco 49ers (4.)
1989 San Francisco 49ers (3.)
1988    Washington Commanders (2.)
1987    New York Giants (1.)
1986    Chicago Bears (1.)
1985 San Francisco 49ers (2.)
1984    Las Vegas Raiders (3.)
1983    Washington Commanders (1.)
1982 San Francisco 49ers (1.)
1981    Las Vegas Raiders (2.)
1980    Pittsburgh Steelers (4.)
1979    Pittsburgh Steelers (3.)
1978    Dallas Cowboys (2.)
1977    Las Vegas Raiders (1.)
1976    Pittsburgh Steelers (2.)
1975    Pittsburgh Steelers (1.)
1974    Miami Dolphins (2.)
1973    Miami Dolphins  (1.)
1972    Dallas Cowboys (1.)
1971    Indianapolis Colts (1.)
1970    Kansas City Chiefs (1.)
1969    New York Jets (1.)
1968    Green Bay Packers (2.)
1967    Green Bay Packers (1.)

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