Wermelskirchen abuse complex: Marcus R. (44) testified for 4 days | Regional

Köln – The main suspect in the Wermelskirchen abuse complex, Marcus R. (44), apparently helped the investigators to clarify the crimes.

His defense attorney, Cologne lawyer Christian Lange, reported on Friday that he quickly confessed to the allegations after his arrest and admitted to further actions beyond the arrest warrant.

Marcus R lived in this newly built house in Wermelskirchen. It was here that a special task force arrested him

Photo: Jörg Löbker

His client also helped identify other people he had contact with. In February he was questioned for four days and filmed. In doing so, he supported the police investigations and helped to solve cases beyond his own responsibility.

According to the lawyer, he assumes that his client’s cooperation is a significant contribution to the success of the investigation. His client had sexually abused young children. “He is responsible for this and he knows that a long prison sentence awaits him, rightly so,” says a press release.

Abuse of incredible dimensions

According to the investigators, the new abuse complex in Wermelskirchen – located between Cologne and Wuppertal – has a dimension of brutality that exceeds that of other crime complexes.

The main accused Marcus R. from Wermelskirchen offered his services as a babysitter on the Internet and was thus able to approach his victims. He also exchanged child pornographic images and videos of “unimaginable brutality” with dozens of other men.

So far, 73 suspects and 33 victims have been identified, investigators reported on Monday. The youngest child was one month old. Marcus R., who has no criminal record, is said to have abused twelve children himself – ten boys and two girls – in the greater Cologne area. He is charged with 18 acts of abuse.

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