What are the most lying zodiac signs?

Whether a situation forces you to do so, whether you are dependent on it or whether you need to sublimate a fact, everyone is led to lie at one time or another. Nevertheless, these 4 zodiac signs for whom telling lies is a habit.

It is undeniable and even obvious that some people lie more than others. It seems that in astrology, these 4 signs of the zodiac are the most likely to commit acts of lies. They rarely show honesty even if it means hurting the other. Of course, not everyone belonging to these zodiac signs necessarily consents to this inclination.

The most lying signs of the zodiac


Sign of Gemini – Source: spm

Perhaps we will not be surprised because of their reputation as two-faced individuals, but Gemini is definitely on that list. Because if they are among the individuals most likely to lie, it is because they can have a specific opinion at a given moment and then a moment later, another opinion a thousand leagues from the last. However, this does not always work for them. They are sometimes themselves surprised by their words and inevitably end up contradicting each other. However, it is not a bad intention that motivates their contractions and their repeated lies. Sometimes they just can’t tell right from wrong.

And if so, the wisest for them is that they show transparency. There is nothing wrong with admitting things and this act is often liberating.


libra liars

Sign of Libra – Source: spm

Although justice is at the heart of the actions of the representatives of Libra, they can paradoxically force themselves to lie. But the latter is practiced to serve a more honorable and valiant purpose. That of harmony in relationships between friends, partners and colleagues. In short, equity between men.

For Libras, the proverb “not all truths are good to tell” suits them perfectly. While in absolute terms they advocate honesty and sincerity, it is sometimes difficult for them to tell things as they are. Evidence that high values ​​can drive an individual to make unethical choices. Thus, representatives of Libra can also avoid speaking the truth in the eyes if they feel that it may offend the other. Resorting to lies is therefore self-evident.

We can therefore consider that the lies of Libras stem from their goodness. But while that’s relatively commendable, it’s important for them to know that a beautiful lie is worth far less than a hard-to-digest truth. Even if it seems to go against their ideal of harmony, this one is obtained more by saying things as they are. They have to realize that.


aquarius liars

Sign of Aquarius – Source: spm

Representatives of Aquarius lie because they have a particularly developed imagination. This means that they tend to sublimate the events that occur in their lives. However, they do not do this to stir up the envy or jealousy of their interlocutors. And for good reason, they often find extravagant meanings in a situation that they end up believing. It is also a way for them to savor a situation more. We then know that their lies are generally harmless.

In addition, Aquarius can, like Libra, lie to keep the peace and avoid offending others. But if the truth comes out, the lies end up backfiring when their intention was initially benevolent.


lying fish

Sign of Pisces – Source: spm

If the natives of Pisces are among the signs of the zodiac most prone to lies, it is because their actions are often well calculated and serve a selfish purpose. As a result, they can use deception to achieve their ends despite the repercussions on others. Once they get what they lied about, then they can disappear from the radar.

No matter the situation, Pisces do not hesitate to lie and they know precisely what they will say for it. And if they have the art and the way of knowing exactly what to say and how to say it, it is because it is also highly intuitive people.

Of course, many people born of this sign do not give in to this predisposition. Because they are moved by solid principles and governed by strong values, they refuse to submit to them.

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