What are the must-see places in the United States?


Broadway is one of largest avenues in the united states. Indeed, it is wide enough to cross the entire city of Manhattan diagonally. It is a site that has become popular thanks to its lively streets and the emblematic places found there. We refer in particular to the Flatiron building and Times Square.

The Flatiron building is a gigantic 22-storey building located in the Flatiron District, from which it takes its name. Its imposing size and unique architecture make this skyscraper extraordinary.

Times Square, for its part, is a district that is home to approximately 39 large theaters with more than 500 seats. Every day, dozens of performances are performed there. Do not forget to take out insurance with Allianz voyage before visiting these places in order to fully enjoy each event.

Le grand canyon

This is a very famous National Park, located in northern Arizona. It was founded in 1919 and contains more than 4,931 km2 of protected areas. For millennia, the presence of the Colorado River has favored the natural creation of veritable geographical wonders. This is particularly the case of the Grand Canyon massif.

To better explore the grand canyon, it is advisable to take the path named Rim Trail. This is a hiking trail that leads to several exceptional observation points. To limit the risks, you can be accompanied by professional hikers.

Central Park

One of the places to absolutely visit during a trip to the United States is obviously Central Park. It is a large landscaped park of more than 340 hectares located in the heart of Manhattan. It is 4 km long and 800 meters wide. It is a very popular place for the inhabitants of the city. Its landscape varies according to the seasons and constantly offers a marvelous spectacle.

Moreover, this park is rather calm and peaceful. It is therefore the ideal place to rest and relax after a long and busy day. You can also practice simple physical activities to stay in shape on a daily basis.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas United States
Las Vegas, or the city of pleasures, is a city located in the state of Nevada (more precisely in the Mojave Desert). It is a very famous area for its very lively nightlife and the perfect place to let off steam in an atmosphere of madness. The city is also home to many monuments and tourist sites that you absolutely must visit.

If you are a fan of thrills, do not hesitate to take part in the activities offered by the local agencies. Parachute jumping, helicopter travel, amateur golf, there are plenty of opportunities to have a good time.

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