What did retired artist Mai Fakhry say about “Filler” lips and operations

11:42 PM

Thursday August 18 2022

Books – Hani Saber:

The retired artist, Mai Fakhry, sent a message to the girls regarding lip fillers and plastic surgery.

Fakhri wrote, through her account on Instagram: “I am personally against any kind of plastic surgery that changes God’s creation, and as for the lip filler, we all know that with the increase in weight, the shape of the face in general changes, not only the lips.”

May said in the video, in which she sent a message to the girls because of the exposed clothes: “There is a strange and new phenomenon in our lives and society in this period. It is observed that you also observe it, and it is the phenomenon of open clothing… Girls of open clothing without justification, means that open clothing is very much in places where it is not worn. It never has these needs.”

And she continued: “This topic is more widespread with young girls, girls who still want to discover what fashion and life look like, and how to be sweet, beautiful, acceptable and loved. They made a great effort to reach it, and this is not the best thing.”

And she continued: “The new generation is much sweeter than us, and sweeter than the generation before them, and they are interested in themselves, their body and their shape, and they are going in a place that is not the best thing, and people will not judge me that I am a girl of a check or class except when I wear open clothes, on the contrary, it is not like that, and the age of fashion It was not open clothing, and now we are walking aimlessly, and what is happening now has nothing to do with fashion, elegance and sweetness.”

And she explained: “And how often you are shocked that you see videos on Tik Tok and other platforms for other people, not us. You keep printing what you see without feeling, we do not do this because you do not write us in a good moment, girls, and you must know that your parents who love you and themselves They see you as the best one in the world, and you have money to buy what you are in, and to be happy. You must return them this beautiful love, you must return it well, and your parents who were raped see this and do not talk about it because they do not want to upset you, because they also take sins. “

And she continued: “When you go down, any boy saw you take a sin, every need has its place, for the swimsuit on the sea is not the street next to the sea, I did not say to you, wear a swimsuit, but I talk about the needs that I saw and made me go a little and talk with you, and we must pay attention to this topic, that you are Chilean You and your family are sins. This is not a good thing at all.. When we have jewelry or an expensive bag to keep, it must have a place, why do we come to ourselves and show it like this and all people see it and put their eyes on it, why do we prefer our possessions over ourselves?”

And she added, “I look in the mirror one last time before you go down, and let me remember two things. Do my family deserve that I justify them in sins and remove myself from sins, and are the collectibles that I wear more expensive than myself? .. I do not say, ‘Arise, veil’. I hope, by God, because it is the best thing that can happen.” For any girl in the world, the hijab is a jacket, and let us close the dress a little and it will be much sweeter for you.”

It is reported that, Mai Fakhri’s latest work is her participation in the second part of the series “The Devil’s Weddings” (2019) directed by Ahmed Khaled Amin, written by Magdy Saber, starring: Jamal Suleiman, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Sabreen, Menna Fadali, Iman Al-Asi, Kamal Abu Rayya, Ahmed Safwat, Afaf Rashad, the late artist Mahmoud El-Gendy, and others.

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