What disease affected the health of Gerardo Rozín – News

The animator and producer Gerardo Rozincreator of the successful musical program “La peña de Morfi”, passed away this Thursday after spending several days hospitalized in “delicate state”as the station on which the program airs had indicated, phone.

The driver had been having health problems for quite some time, but there was always great secrecy about his illness.

However, the diary The nation revealed that “he had been fighting for months against a malignant tumor”.

Meanwhile, Pablo Javkin, mayor of his hometown and personal friend, revealed in Radio 2 that his painting had reached an “irreversible” stage.

“Gerardo chose to go through this without making it public with details, he has been in a complicated situation for a year. I was with him last week, it is a very painful situation,” the official summarized.

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The 51-year-old journalist from Rosario had taken a month off from driving his cycle and at that time argued that he had an arrhythmia.

“I had to see some health things that fortunately are fine, but I needed to take my time,” Rozín said at the time, without giving further explanations.

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