What happened in the background • Al Marsad newspaper

Exclusive translation: The British channel, “BBC”, made a mistake in its criticism by viewers, after two people were seen taking pictures on their phones in the Caliph, while the channel’s presenter, “How Edwards” announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the moment angered viewers, who said that the uproar was distracting and insensitive at the same time, while some commented that what happened spoiled the historical moment and far from Edwards’ strong delivery.

Edwards, 61, received widespread acclaim for his sensitive and honest delivery of the news Thursday night, and he is said to have spent months preparing for the moment.

But in the background of his live display to the right of the screen, the couple were taking pictures and depicting the historical moment.

Last Thursday, the royal palace issued a statement officially confirming that the queen died at 6:30.

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