What happens to the body if you eat butter every day

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There is an opinion that it is not worth frying in butter: they say, “terrible” trans fats are released during heat treatment. The nutritionist agrees that it is still better to fry not in fresh, but in melted butter.

– The fact is that when heated, milk fats begin to smoke quite quickly, – says Panova. – Already at a temperature of 120–150 degrees, the oil begins to burn and secrete carcinogens – dangerous substances that provoke cancer. But ghee can be safely heated up to 250 degrees and even used for deep-fried cooking.

Butter can be added to cereals and pancakes, it will not cause serious damage to health. True, and the benefits of it will not be too much.

– Even slight heating of the product kills a significant part of its biological value, the doctor warns. – In addition, when melted in oil, a large amount of “bad” cholesterol is released.

But if you spread butter on bread or eat even without bread, there will be benefits. From a medical point of view, the main thing in this matter is not to exceed the recommended daily allowance.

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