What if Nothing was the new OnePlus?

2023-05-19 12:27:26

While OnePlus is more and more in difficulty, it seems that it is doing the business of Nothing who would recruit more and more from the Chinese brand.

Le Nothing phone (1) pour illustration // Source : Frandroid – Robin Wycke

Upheaval among smartphone manufacturers. While OnePlus seems to be in a very bad position in Europe and the Chinese brand seems to have lost what made its DNA a few years ago, it seems that Nothing has decided to jump at the chance.

A Nothing team that comes largely from OnePlus

As reported by the site Inverse, Nothing would indeed have poached many employees who worked until now at OnePlus. In addition to the developers of Nothing, of which 70% would come from OnePlus, and the teams in charge of the hardware – of which 30% would come from OnePlus – this would also be the case of Kyle Kiang, former marketing director of the Chinese manufacturer who would have recently joined the teams. of Nothing in order to work on the launch of the brand’s next smartphone, the Nothing phone (2) in North America.

In addition to the marketing aspect, these recruitments would aim, according to Inverse, to further improve the software of Nothing smartphones in order to make the Nothing OS interface more distinct from that which may equip other smartphones. An approach that resembles, again, that of OnePlus in its early years with its OxygenOS interface which resembled that offered on Nexus or Pixel smartphones, but with much more customization.

Pete Lau and Carl Pei, when he was still working at OnePlus
Pete Lau and Carl Pei, when he was still working at OnePlus

The fact that Nothing decided to poach most of its teams from OnePlus is no coincidence. It must be said that the British manufacturer was founded by Carl Pei, already at the origin of OnePlus in 2013 alongside Pete Lau. Among the other co-founders, we can mention Akis Evangelidis, former executive of OnePlus, now marketing manager of Nothing, David Sanmartin Garcia, head of the European market at Nothing, or Steven Gao, in charge of the growth of the British manufacturer.

Difficulties in shambles at OnePlus

At the same time, it seems that the turn taken by OnePlus in recent years has made the bold choices of Nothing. It must be said that the OnePlus teams have increasingly been integrated into those of its cousin Oppo, the two brands now being overseen by Pete Lau under the aegis of the Oplus company. Gradually, OnePlus smartphones have lost their identity and seem to be moving towards an interface similar to that of Oppo devices.

The meanderings of Oppo and OnePlus in Europe did nothing to help matters. Remember that, according to our information, Oppo could indeed leave the European market within a few weeks due to a legal dispute between it and Nokia. If OnePlus has fewer employees than Oppo in France – due in particular to the absence of a sales force – we have learned in recent weeks of the departure of several French managers of the brand.

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