What is the difference between hydro and bathtub?

Differences between a hot tub and a hot tub

Hydro and bathtub are equipment that are often found in SPAs, beauty salons, aesthetic centers and even in the homes of thousands of Brazilians. Used for hygiene baths and to guarantee relaxing moments, at BBB Bathtubs you can find both items in different models, sizes and materials. We separate some differences between Hydro and common bathtub

Even though they are such common items, many people still confuse the individual characteristics of each one and what their purpose is. Therefore, we are going to show you what are the main differences between the hydromassage and the common bathtubs, in addition to presenting the benefits of the immersion bath performed in these two equipments, check out:


Whirlpools are bathtubs that have water jets that perform massage, called hydromassage jets. For the operation of these jets, the equipment must be connected to the hydraulic system of the place where it will be installed.

This equipment is found in different models and formats, such as round, rectangular, square, corner, octagonal and even with more modern items, such as a heater to leave the water at the ideal temperature for a relaxing bath. SPA bathtubs are often confused with hydromassage bathtubs, but they are different. The SPAS are bigger and deeper, holding up to 9 people and reaching up to 1 m deep.

In parallel, the whirlpools are shallower and smaller in size, making it possible for a maximum of two people to bathe together.

common bathtubs

Common bathtubs, such as Victorian bathtubs, are equipment that do not have the famous hydromassage jets, even so, it is possible to take relaxing baths in these bathtubs.

They are also not equipped with heaters, requiring the water to be at the desired temperature when filling it. However, the installation process of this equipment is more practical and without the need to connect it to the local hydraulic network.

Even so, it is possible to find these bathtubs in different models and materials, being able to choose the one that best suits your decor.

Benefits of immersion bath in hydromassage or in common bathtubs

As said, these equipment are very well known for providing the possibility of performing an extremely relaxing immersion bath that promotes many benefits for health and well-being. A soak in a rectangular bathtub with or without a hydromassage can offer the following benefits:

● Relief of muscle aches, cramps and headaches;

● Notable improvement in sleep;

● Decreased symptoms of stress and anxiety;

● Muscle and mental relaxation.

Therefore, this equipment is common in aesthetic centers and SPAs, places that seek to provide maximum well-being to their customers and it is possible to have all this without leaving home, with similar products and much more comfort.

Hydro and common bathtub: which one to choose?

Now that you know the differences between a hydro bath and a bathtub, it is common to ask yourself which of the two options is ideal for you to have at home. This question depends a lot on the needs of each user.

Those looking for the possibility of immersion baths with massaging jets and a greater level of relaxation should opt for a round bathtub with hydromassage. However, it is necessary to make sure that the place chosen for installation has everything necessary, such as an outlet for the hydraulic system and enough space to accommodate the hydromassage.

For people looking for relaxing moments, but do not have the necessary conditions to install a hydro bath, traditional bathtubs, such as corner bathtubs, are ideal and capable of providing several benefits.

Therefore, it will depend on the needs of each user, but it is important to clarify that the two devices are very beneficial and will make a total difference in the daily lives of those who use them.

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