What pioneering technique have the HUCA pulmonologists performed?

Central University Hospital of Asturias.

The Interventional Pneumology Unit of the Lung Area of the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA) has been a pioneer in using, in a single procedure and on an outpatient basis, the ecobroncose lineal (EBUS-L) y la crioterapia for obtaining lymph node biopsies of the mediastinum, which allow more precise diagnoses of lung tumors, lymphomas, granulomatous diseases such as tuberculosis and metastasis of other cancers.

The interventional pulmonologists at the health center have managed to access the mediastinum through the bronchi, a compartment located between the lungs and behind the sternum, which houses lymph nodes, arteries and veins, to extract histological samples without using invasive surgical procedures that require hospital admission.

This combined techniquecalled CRIO-EBUS (mediastinal transbronchial cryobiopsy guided by endobronchial ultrasound) speeds up the diagnosis and avoids possible postoperative complications.

Since February 8, HUCA interventional pulmonologists have used this technique in 16 patients. In all cases, the disease and its stage have been diagnosed without the need to perform other more invasive procedures.

The scientific journal Archivos de Bronconeumología, with an impact factor of 4871 and located in the Q2 quartile, has accepted the publication of an article on the first four Asturian patients with whom this novel technique has been used.

The HUCA Lung Area estimates that about 200 patients with hematological diseases, granulomatosis, lung tumors and metastases could benefit after a year from this minimally invasive procedure

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