“Where is Messi?”.. The South American Confederation responds to Saudi fans with a “video”

The South American Football Confederation, also known as “CONMEBOL”, responded to the question, “Where is Messi?”, In a video that honored the coach of the Argentine national team and was proud of the “historic” result he achieved in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

After Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia in the group stage, a wave of ridicule prevailed on social media and among some fans in Qatar or abroad, and the question was: “Where is Messi?”, to ridicule the loss of the “Tango” team in the first round of the World Cup that Lionel had. Messi won the title in order to return to the national team his dream of the cup.

“Messi is here,” said “Conmebol” in a video, which has garnered more than a million views on Twitter, showing the goals he scored in the world championship.

He added that the whole world knows where Messi is, showing scenes from various countries where fans celebrated the Argentine national team’s victory, in addition to the “million” scenes in Buenos Aires and other regions.

“Messi is in the joy of these people, their tears, their impact, and the children’s singing (…) Messi is in each of us, and in the star of the 2022 World Cup that will be hung on the national team’s shirt.”

And the fans of “Al-Akhdar” had mocked Messi after their country’s victory over the Argentine national team in the first round, 2-1, when they uttered at that time the phrase “Messi, where is it … we broke his eye,” and some walked looking for him in “the pockets of passers-by.”

Argentina kept its hopes of qualifying for the final price round, thanks to its captain, Messi, who led it to a 2-0 victory over Mexico, at Lusail Stadium, in the second round of Group C competitions.

Messi succeeded in leading the Tango team to the third World Cup title, by defeating France on penalties after the end of the exciting match with a 3-3 draw.

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