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12/20 Comments after the Tokyo Gurentai show NOSAWA Rongai clashes with Ishimori & Gedo in the retirement match.




▼ Marufuji & Akihito win a clear victory in cooperation with the vice president.

▼ Ninja revival victory and GHC junior name

▼ Eita sings Kotaro’s single dish “Next is Ogawa”

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1st match 8-man tag match Vaccine fight provided match
Hideki Momma Daisuke Nakamura Taison Maeguchi Takuya Kai vs Ikuto Hidaka SUSHI 2 Takahisa Matsumoto

[Monma & Nakamura & Maeguchi & Kai after the match]

Q: Gurentai’s performance will be the last one?

MONMA: Well, I’m still hoping that we’ll be doing a little bit more after this, but I’d like to be ready to go out anytime for that.

MAEGUCHI: About 5 years ago, I was allowed to see Tokyo Gurentai live at the venue. At that time, I was a kickboxer, but I never thought that I would be allowed to appear in the final show. So I am really happy.”

NAKAMURA: It’s been a long time since I’ve played in a professional wrestling match.

KAI: I belong to a mixed martial arts gym called BRAVE, and since 2013 I’ve been able to fully participate in the Tokyo Gurentai box office. And I have nothing but gratitude to NOSAWA and everyone in Tokyo Gurentai. Thank you very much for today.”

[Hidaka & SUSHI & 2 after the match]

▼ SUSHI “You said it was good…”

HIDAKA: “Why did you go out there by yourself?”

▼2 “2 (Too)…”

▼Hidaka “2?”

▼SUSHI “What’s 2?”


▼ Hidaka “2”



Match 2 Tag Match ~Venus~
Downhill Summer Sumire vs Maya Yukihime Miyuki Takase


[Yukihi & Takase after the match]

YUKIHI: It’s been a long time since we played at a packed Korakuen Hall. Thank you very much for your nice follow-up.”

TAKASE: No, no, it was a nice kick. It was amazing.

YUKIHI: It’s a great experience to be invited to a men’s tournament like this, so if I have another chance, I’d like to participate again.

▼Takase: Thank you for allowing me to stand in such a wonderful place.

[Yamashita & Natsu after the game]

YAMASHITA: Thank you very much for the Gurentai box office final. It’s up to the customer to decide whether the members and the content of the match were suitable for the final tournament. If someone wants me to go up again, I will come, and if there is a demand for deathmatch and hardcore in this ring, I will always come. I once had a singles match with Hana-san, who is a member of the team. The scenery has changed since that time, but the love of pro wrestling, both the players and the audience, has not changed. I feel very nostalgic. I will do my best to come back again. Thank you very much for today.”

Natsu: Even though NOSAWA’s Ron-chan called us for the Gurentai final, it ended so quickly! I wanted to go even higher. Please call me anytime. I will come again when I feel lonely. Thank you.”

3rd Match Singles Match ~NO HAY SALIDA~
Eita vs Suzuki Kotaro


[Eita’s story]“I won the singles just like yesterday. Didn’t you hear my cheering? At that point, I already won. Now, on December 23rd, Shinjuku, N Innovation, Yoshinari Ogawa, next is you.”

4th match 3WAY match NOAH provided match ~ AERO DIVISION ~
Ninja Mac vs Dante Leon vs The Leave Mask


[Ninja Story]”Ninja Mack from Pro Wrestling Noah is back. Dante Leon, that belt you have, I’ll take it from you, or if you lose it, I’ll take it. I will definitely take back the belt from .And when I win the belt, I will accept any challenge from any member of Noah Junior.”

5th Match Special 6 Man Tag Match ~Kizuna~
B×B Hulk Hokuto Omori Yoshitomo Shimohigashi vs Naomichi Marufuji Masaaki Mochizuki Akihito


[Marufuji & Mochizuki & Akito after the match]

AKITO: Today is the Gurentai final. It’s the last time I’m going to work, and I feel a little lonely, and I feel like I want to win again. How are you two?”

MOCHIZUKI: I was a regular member of Gurentai, so I was invited to the end. It was.”

MARUFUJI: I have such memories with both of them, but it’s my first time with Gurentai.

Mochizuki: “Is this your first time?”

▼ Marufuji “Nothing”

AKITO: But look, NOSAWA-san is an eel sponsor, right?


Marufuji: So, in February, he will retire. After that, I will continue to invite my eel sponsor, Mr. Mochi, and at that time Vice President Akito, and I will definitely hold an eel party. prize”

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▼Akito “Please”

▼Marufuji: “Today’s fee + eel. Nice to meet you.”

▼Akito: I’m pretty sure I didn’t bring eels today.

▼ Mochizuki “None”

▼Akito: “There is always one.”


▼ Marufuji “Let’s write the bill later.”

▼Akito “Add about 10,000 yen to the price of the eel.”

▼Marufuji: “It was fun.”

▼Akihito: “Thank you very much.”

▼Mochizuki: “Thank you very much.”

[Hulk & Hokuto & Shimohigashi after the match]

Hokuto: First time in the green ring… I don’t know if this is a green ring show, but I’m happy to be able to compete in front of this mark (Noah’s logo). ”

*When Hokuto leaves, Shimohigashi appears to replace him.

SHIMOTO: Don’t be silly, you’re too strong…

▼ Hulk “Yuho!”

※ Hulk punches Shimohigashi

▼Hulk “Stay strong, Ola!”

* Hit the reverse horizontal many times

▼ Hulk “Don’t be a pro wrestler, Kora!”

Hokuto: “I know what you want to say, but… I know what you mean.”

※When Hokuto pulls away Hulk

▼ Hulk “Yoho, bravo. Kakkakkakkakka!”

*Leaves with Hokuto

SHIMOTO “Next time, I’ll kill him.”

6th match 12 man tag match Tokyo Gurentai vs Kongou ~VATOS LOCOS~
NOSAWA outside MAZADA FUJITA TAKEMURA KIKUZAWA Dick Togo vs Kenoh Katsuhiko Nakajima Manabu Soya Tadasuke Ohara Hajime Hi69


[Out of the question & MAZADA after the match]

▼MAZADA “Are you okay?”

▼ Out of the question “You’re okay, aren’t you?”

▼MAZADA: That’s right.

▼ Out of the question “I can’t return it anymore”

▼MAZADA: That’s right.

▼ Out of the question “We’ve all worked together today, so it’s the last time we’ll have 6 of us together.

*When all Gurentai members gather

▼ Out of the question “I’m enjoying the game”

▼ MAZADA “It’s a good thing.”

▼ Out of the question “Kongo is Noah and active.

▼ MAZADA “I think I did my best”

▼Of course, Kenoh-san will get mad at me if I say that.

▼MAZADA “Why don’t you call me for a minute?”

▼Out of the question: “Okay. Today is the end of the Tokyo Gurentai performance, but I don’t dare to say that Tokyo Gurentai will be disbanded.

▼MAZADA: There are about 200 people around the world.

▼Out of the question “In the end, if Pareha and FUJITA were there, they would be bound together as a gang, so there’s no need to break up, and I hope everyone will do their best, except for me.”

▼ MAZADA “Obtain a mechanical body…”

▼ Out of the question “When the times and my lifespan catch up, cyborgs are out of the question…”

▼MAZADA “Let’s do our best.

▼ Out of the question “Thank you for the time being”

*One person left out of the question

▼Of course, there are only two months left in the retirement match. Even on days when I feel sentimental, I sometimes think that I have time to think about it. I don’t want to have any regrets. I’m the kind of person who’s going to quit anyway, so in the end I’m going to make a mess of the pro wrestling world and quit without taking responsibility. He said he wants to fight with. Various people have moved and Mr. Gedo will appear in his retirement match. Or rather, I can fight the heresy that I was conscious of. Isn’t this really the Japanese dream? When I see people coming in and my merchandise sells out, I’m still thinking that I’m still popular. During the game today, I’m thinking that all the women who came to see me will like me. It’s a shame, but it’s a real doctor’s stop.However, today wasn’t really a good memory, it was a good memorial.I’m doing it with the feeling that the professional wrestling world will be a little strange until my retirement match. I thought it would be nice. Today was really fun. That’s it. I still have two months to go.

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