“Whiners…”, Lilian Thuram who categorically denies having insulted Algerians!

The former 1998 world champion, Lilian Thuram, had created a big controversy a few days ago because of very daring statements against the Algerian team. The former French player would have strongly criticized the approach of the Algerians according to the Cameroonian media. Lilian Thuram, former Blue and FC Barcelona player, recently shocked the web by criticizing the Algerian team. As a reminder, according to the media “Actu Cameroun”, Thuram reportedly declared: “I would like to see Algeria go and complain about the arbitration if they had won the second leg. […] Do you believe that the victory of a country legally obtained will be canceled for a single whiny country? The world does not have only Algeria.” These very crude statements had the effect of a bomb on the net. However, the principal concerned, that is to say Lilian Thuram, himself affirmed to us conferred on “La Gazette du Fennec” that these declarations are totally false. The former Juventus player then said: “I haven’t spoken to any Cameroonian media and everything that has been published about me is totally false.” Also specifying that he will never say such things.

After the terrible disillusion experienced against Cameroon and their absence from the 2022 World Cup, Algeria will have to rebuild and reinvent itself. Maintained at the head of the Fennecs, Djamel Beldmadi made revelations. He formalized the news yesterday during an interview broadcast by FAF TV. The opportunity also for him to tackle the referee Bakary Gassama again. “We will never let 2-3 people conspire against us again. No referee will come to hurt an entire country. When I saw this referee sitting in the airport lounge the next day having a coffee as if nothing had happened.. I flew, I saw him in Turkey to tell him what I thought “, he began by declaring. He then added: “We, when we go to Africa, we don’t have the same favors. We steal the hopes of a whole country and leave it like that… I’m not saying we should kill it. But we will no longer accept this kind of situation. God willing, let us relive new positive emotions. The players I congratulate them, but we will have to do much better. Everyone. Me, the staff and that’s what we’re going to do.” A punchy exit from a Djamel Belmadi who still does not digest visibly. More calmly, the coach born in 76 also mentioned other very important subjects such as the follow-up and his ideas for reviving the Greens.


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