Why so many French caregivers in Belgian hospitals?

We met there Adrian. He is 36 years old. He has been crossing the border every day for 12 years to come and work in a Belgian hospital: “initially I started my studies in Belgium, so it was a logical continuation, he explains. “Many future nurses choose our country for the quality of its education, but also because Belgium does not impose, as France does, an entrance examination. In the end , vsurses have followed a curriculum and internships in a system they know and appreciate.

It’s a service in which I feel good

Vincent Loncke is head nurse at CHWAPI. He explains that the way of working with patients is not the same on both sides of the border: “With us, it’s more integrated care, which goes from washing to care and injections, he specifieswhile in France care is more dedicated to nursing assistants while injections, all that is technical, is more dedicated to the nurse

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