Why the UAE Withdrew from American-led Naval Coalition in the Gulf: Indirect and Direct Reasons Revealed

2023-06-05 13:10:36

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A specialist revealed the reason for the UAE’s withdrawal from an American-led naval coalition in the Gulf.

He explained, in a video clip via the “Tik Tok” application, indirect reasons that made the Gulf states lose confidence in America, since the days of the Aramco incident, and the events were repeated, just as America did nothing when the attack on Abu Dhabi took place.

He added, and then US President Biden came and withdrew the patriot from Saudi Arabia at a time when it needed it because there were many attacks by the Houthi group, saying: “America was against the interests of the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE.”

As for the direct reason, the creator of the content indicated that Iran seized two oil tankers carrying the Panamanian flag about a week ago, commenting: “This is an insult to the Emirates and offends the reputation of the Emirates because they left the port of Dubai to the port of Fujairah.”

He pointed out that Iran’s goal of seizing the two tankers is to provoke America, to a certain degree, so that it loses its prestige in front of its allies, adding: But a provocation that does not require America to respond to it, it is only skirmishes that Iran does.

He pointed out that the UAE wants to be neutral and does not want Iran to be exposed to any of its navigation ships, and therefore when it withdraws from this alliance, Iran will not be exposed to it because it only wants to provoke America.

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