Why You Shouldn’t Wear Underpants Under Your Swimsuit: Nurse’s Viral Warning

2023-07-04 17:59:08

The practice of wearing underpants under a bathing suit is not exotic, at least in Argentina and many Western countries. Many times, the mesh does not have a bra, so wearing a brief fulfills that function. Or, also, because the man feels more protected with something under his bathing suit, in case he gets “excited” on the beach and it shows.

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But a Spanish nurse posted a video on TikTok that went viral explaining why you should never wear underpants under your mesh.

Jorge Ángel is the name of the nursing practitioner who provided this recommendation from his account on the Chinese network, where he has more than 5.3 million followers.

“Do you wear underpants with the swimsuit (swimsuit)? To me, personally, it seems like a filthy (nonsense) ”, the tiktokero fired with controversy, who managed to make his warning go viral, especially in Spain, where the beach season has already begun.

“Swimsuits are usually made of a fabric that dries very quickly”, however, he added, “the underpants take longer to dry”, so “more moisture and more risk of fungus” are formed.

And the nurse continued, clearing up a doubt for all those who are thinking of giving up briefs: “There are people who say ‘no, but what if she’s happy?’, but swimsuits are designed with a mesh, so don’t worry, that’s where it stays”, he explained, referring to the mesh bra.

A nurse made the warning on the networks.

Not everyone agrees with the nurse

But many followers did not share his opinion, stating that the rubbing of the private parts with the bra is the reason for wearing underwear.

“That fabric is deadly”, “according to me, you wear boxers when you go to the sea so that the sand doesn’t rub against you”, “I use it so it doesn’t mark too much” or “I wear it because I’m afraid it will rub off on me”. see below ”, were some of the messages they sent him.

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