Widespread food products available throughout Ramadan

EL MENIAA – The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamel Rezig affirmed, Friday from the wilaya of El Meniaa, that food products for wide consumption would be available throughout the holy month of Ramadhan.

On the sidelines of his working visit to this new wilaya, the Minister indicated that widely consumed food products “will be available throughout the holy month of Ramadhan, especially since the services of the sector work, in coordination with the various other departments responsible for making them available, in particular during the holy month, in application of the instructions of the High Authorities of the country”, affirming that the milk will, in turn, be available during Ramadhan, through all the wilayas of the country.

According to the Minister, instructions have been sent to the fraud control and repression services on the need to coordinate with the security services, in order to inquire about the availability of basic food products on the markets, during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Mr. Rezig indicated that his ministerial services will grant, in coordination with the relevant ministries, for the benefit of the wilaya of El Meniaa, a considerable quota of powdered milk which will be intended for the dairy of the “Old Ksar” in El Meniaa , with the aim of ensuring the availability of the subsidized milk sachet.

This unit currently produces 2,300 liters of pasteurized cow’s milk per day, in addition to 200 liters per day of whey and 250 kg of butter monthly, according to the explanations provided to the ministerial delegation.

A local market will have to be opened in the commune of Hassi Gara, on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadhan and which contains 17 commercial premises for the sale of various food products, 5 squares for the sale of fruits and vegetables intended for farmers agricultural and 6 other squares.

As such, the Minister emphasized the need to supply them with all consumer products.

The Minister also visited privately owned factories, including a factory specializing in the production of dairy products and two others for the production of mineral water, where he received explanations on the quantities produced and distributed, stating in this wake that the wilaya of El Meniaa “has enormous potential allowing it to occupy a leading place in the field of agri-food industries”.

The ministerial delegation then inspected a point of sale belonging to the agro-food industries group (Agrodiv/Constantine) which supplies large quantities of table oil, and nearly 4,200 tonnes of flour per year and 600 tonnes of semolina/ year, of which a quantity is intended directly for the consumer and the other for the benefit of industrial bakeries.

Mr. Rezig indicated, in this context, that these quantities of food products will be doubled in application of the directives of the Government aimed at meeting the needs of the citizen, noting in this respect the necessary coordination between the directions of trade, agricultural services and industry, to double the quantities of distribution and additional and regular supply, within the framework of the program drawn up by the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion.

The Minister had already inspected, together with the local authorities of the wilaya of El Meniaa, the new structures which the sector has just acquired, like the new headquarters of the Department of Trade and Export Promotion , the Regional Inspectorate of Commerce, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Wilaya “Al Wouroud”.

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